Botcon 2000

      Friday night, the convention opened with the Dinner. The Exclusive Plate was a surprise. I was expecting a toy, but this was even better. The meal was excellent.
      The announcement of the exclusives was a bit of a surprise (at least to me). I was expecting at least one to be a Beast Machines recolor. I was not disappointed though, the Shockaract and Apelinq were great. The Cheetor Poster was cool, and I really liked the tote bag. It was great to see the Comic Book. As much as I have loved the Script reading in 1998, I think the Botcon story is best told with a comic. Then, even better, a special variant cover comic for everyone at the dinner.

      The biggest event of the convention by far was the theatrical showing of Transformers: The Movie. I've lost count of how many times I've seen the movie, but to se it on the big screen was something special.
      Botcon was a great time as usual. Thanks to Jon, Karl, and Glenn for putting on another great show. Thanks guys.

      Well, anyway, here's my list of what I got at Botcon: