Botcon 2001

      Friday night, the convention opened with the Dinner. Although I prefer MacDonald's to a fancy dinner, it was a great time, and I certainly hope it will be back again next year. The Exclusives were great. There seem to be more and more every year, and I say the more the better! The Dinner exclusive were prints of all the Maximals and Predacons from Beast Wars. They were really cool.

      The Exclusive toys were Arcee (TM2 Blackarachnia Repaint) and Tigatron (Beast Wars Metals Ravage Repaint). Both are incredible, and all of the preregistered Arcee toys were packaged with a voice chip recorded by Susan Blu!

      There were four CD's offered at the Convention, NRG Transformed by Ernie Burns, and three CD's by Vince DiCola including Lighting Their Darkest Hour, the complete Musical Score from Transformers: The Movie.

      Another great exclusive is the Transformers: The Movie, 15th Anniversary Plate. This is the second plate in a series began with the Dinner Exclusive in 2000. I hope this series continues for many years to come.

      Titan Books produced a special Hardcover Edition of Transformers: All Fall Down, a reprinting of the Transformers Comics Issues 69-74. Another Comic, The Wreckers #1 was also available with both a regular and variant (pictured) cover. There was some talk on the Botcon Beyond Forums of the possibility of a continuing comic to come out more than once a year. I would really like it if this happened. A continuing Transformers Comic would be great.

      Two Transformers: The Movie T-Shirts were also available at the Convention, one Autobot, and one Decepticon. Both have very nice art work.