Botcon 2006

      I spent 24 miserable hours on a bus to get to Botcon 2006, and another 24 miserable hours ona bus to get back, and it was wirth every minute! I am still not sure that Fun Publications is committed to Transformers, and I don't like some of there practics when it comes to exclusive toys. Hoever, they really put on a great show. It was great to see the new Movie DVD on the big screen. The Dinner/Casino Night was fun. The guests were great, what more could you ask for? AS you may know, Jon and Harl Hartman, the founders of Botcon sold off there famous collection at the show. I'll get to the sale in a minute, but first, below is a picture of one of the most important Transforemrs Toys ever made. It is the Windcharger that was Jon and Karl's first Transformers when they were kids. Why is that so important? Well, this is an arguable point, but had Jon and Karl not creaeted Botcon, would we still even have Transformers? How much of the success of Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and everything that has come since has been due to the support of the fan base? Without Botcon, would the fan abse be as strong as it is? I think the answer to both questions is no. Jon & Karl are largely responsible for what Transformers are today.

Karl & Jon with the first Transformer they ever got, a Generation One Windcharger.

      I was first in line both Friday and Saturday for the sale of the Hartman Collection. As the first person through the "door", I picked up the first item from, a metal Transformers trash can. Not exactly the centerpiece of the collection, but it's what I wanted. Anyway, here is a picture of the items I purchased from the famous Hartman Collection:

      Finally, here is a picture of the Autocon gang.

      Here's a list of what I got at Botcon 2006: