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Thanks to Fred's Transformers Workshop for the Pictures!

Beast Wars - Transmetal Cheetor Chrome Color

          Transmetal Cheetor was usually a gold color, but it also exists in a much lighter version that loos almost chrome colored.

Energon Toys - Cruellock No Paint on Weapon

          Pictured in the black squares below, I am looking a for a Cruellock like the one on the right with no paint on his weapon.

Cybertron Toys - Deluxe Optimus Prime (Backward and No Stripes) / (Backward Arms with Stripes)

          See the pictures below for details. I am looking for two versions of this toy. Both need to have teh abckwards arms, one with the stripes and one without the stripes.

Transformers: Universe #1 Platinum Cover

Japanese Beast Wars Stickers

          Pictured below on the right and farther down the picture are some of the special stickers from this set. I have all the regular stickers, pictured at the upper left. The special stickers have a prismatic effect to them. In the middle is a picture of the packaging they came in. It had a special sticker on the front, and then in the pack came with one or two more specials and a bunch of regular ones.

Japanese Beast Wars Cards

          Pictured below is the packaging and some of the cards I have from this set. I do not know what it is called. Some of the cards have foil, some don't.

Japanese Beast Wars Pocket Beasts

          Pictured below is one of the two beast Wars Pocket Beasts carded sets. I don't have a pic of the other one, but it is the same packaging with differnt characters.

G1 Ladybirds Books (Tell-A-Tale)

          These Audiobooks were available in the UK. Here is an example of what they look like. I only need the ones listed on the previous page.

Transformers Prequel #1 Incentive Cover Printing Error

          There was a pritnig error with issue #1 of the 2007 Transformers Movie Prequel Comic. The text boxes from page 2 are repeated on page 5.

Dark of the Moon Dog Tag 2-Packs

          I need these packaged with a Silver NEST Tag and a Megatron tag and a Silver NEST Tag and an Optimus Prime tag